Rugged, reliable, pollution-free, and cost effective, MPI's mobile solar power generators can deliver up to 12,000 watts per hour of energy virtually anywhere the sun shines. Whether your work takes you to the middle of nowhere, a construction site, or into a city whose power grid had been ravaged by a natural disaster, MPI's systems can be deployed in minutes to provide consistent power to meet your needs more cost effectively and, producing no noise or fume emissions, with an environmental impact unmatched by any gas or diesel generator.
All MPI systems are completely turn-key packages and can deliver up to 180,000 gallons per day, while the RO process can convert as much as 12,000 gallons of brackish water or 4,500 gallons of sea water each day. Feed water quality may effect daily output.
These battery-less systems combine the acknowledged Industry leader in submersible pumps - Grundfos with our own proprietary converter technology, to capture the sun's energy and pump up to 855 gallons per minute and as deep as 800 feet with high reliability and low operating costs even in the most remote or harsh environments.