MPI has designed the Sprint AGR solar-powered pumping system to be:

- Simple
- Reliable
- Rugged
- Easy to use
- Silent
- Mobile
- Minimal operating costs
- Zero air pollution
- Quick return on investment
- Scalable platform for any depth or flow rate
- Virtually no maintenance required
- Container shippable anywhere in the world

“The answer to pollution-free, sustainable irrigation &
livestock watering”

For the pumps on our irrigation systems, we only use Grundfos brand submersible pumps. They are considered by most of the world to be the premier and highest quality submersible pump available. These pumps are designed and manufactured in Denmark. While they are not the cheapest pump available, they are certainly the best made and will stand up to the rough and continuous use that farming and irrigation provides. They are constructed of stainless steel and have very unique features that help to prolong their excellent service life. Grundfos also stands behind their pumps and offers one of the longest factory warranties in the industry.

• All Stainless Steel construction for increased durability and reliability

• Built-in sand bearing minimizes sand damage experienced in most other submersible pumps and increases pump life, as well as offering protection against upthrust

• Built-in, jam-free check valves guarantee smooth running, fail safe operation

• User-friendly cable guard for the easiest installation among submersible pumps

The heart of our AGR series solar-powered pumping trailers is our proprietary MPI-5K pump converter. This device allows us to do something none of our competitors can do–directly convert our incoming DC electricity to a balanced and pure sine wave 3 phase AC output. With a conversion efficiency of 97%, we are able to put every bit of the solar power produced into running the pump. This device also allows us to make the Sprint systems extremely cost competitive with diesel generators by getting rid of a lot of excess components such as batteries, inverters and charge controllers. In addition, those systems require virtually no maintenance and havea flat operating cost.

• Fault Detection and LED Display
• System Protection
     • Dry Well
     • Output Overload
     • Over Voltage
     • Over Temperature
• No Starting Box Required
• Selectable Minimum Speed
• Selectable Maximum Speed
• Local Monitoring
• Rugged Construction
• Lockable NEMA 3 enclosure
• Float Switch Compatible
• Two-Year Standard Warranty

The key factors of our solar pumping systems are simplicity, reliability, and low cost. Our proprietary PWM conversion technology allows us to do this by taking out many unnecessary components like batteries and inverters to help keep the systemsaffordable, simple, and reliable. The following is a flow chart to give you an idea of just how simple and efficient our systems are:

Step 1- Sunlight

Step 2- PV panels

Step 3- Our proprietary converter

Step 4- High quality 3-phase AC pump

Step 5- Pollution-free irrigation