Durable, versatile and mobile. MPI’s products can provide power virtually anywhere the sun shines and can purify and pump water from virtually any source.

Clean, quiet and inexpensive to operate. Using the sun for fuel, MPI’s systems are environmentally very friendly, producing the same amount of energy as a diesel generator with no fumes, no noise and for a small fraction of the operating expense.
Rugged, reliable, pollution-free, and cost effective, MPI's mobile solar power generators can deliver up to 24,000 watts per hour of energy virtually anywhere the sun shines. Whether in the middle of nowhere or a city whose power grid had been damaged by a natural disaster, MPI's systems can provide consistent power.
Water purification has never been simpler. MPI's solar powered water purification systems can deliver up to 180,000 gallons per day (682,200 litres), while the RO process can convert as much as 12,000 gallons (45,580 litres) of brackish water or 4500 gallons of sea water each day.

MPI has answered one of the agricultural industries’ biggest problems with our Sprint AGR Series of mobile solar water pumping systems. These battery-less systems combine the best submersible pumps with our own proprietary converter technology to capture the sun's energy and pump up to 855 gallons (3,240 litres) per minute and or from depths up to 800 feet.

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