Mobile Power International (“MPI”) was created in 2008 to meet one of the world’s most desperate but under-articulated need which is to be able to provide inexpensive, renewable, and easily accessible energy at any time and almost anywhere in the world where the sun shines.

After five years of research and development, MPI has developed a series of mobile platforms that contain solar panels and eco-friendly batteries to accept, store, and distribute energy. MPI has power generation machines that can provide 1 KW TO 10.5 KW of power from a single machine and can easily link machines together to create a solar farm.

Immediately after developing the mobile power stations, Mobile Power International moved to solve another of the world’s most vexing problems: Providing drinking water from contaminated sources in remote locations throughout the world. MPI's engineering team designes and integrates specialized water purification systems to fit any need with the use of, cartridge filtration, ultra filtration, nano filtration and reverse osmosis ("RO") technology. MPI has also added a compact and affordable H2ALL unit to the product list that functions only as a water purification system for remote locations and villages. Now, MPI manufactures affordable machines that can produce from 2,500 to 180,000 gallons of pure drinking water per day and can pump from as deep as 2,200 feet as well as irragation machines that can power 1/2 to 250 horse power pumps.

MPI’s business objective is to design, develop and market mobile, reliable and efficient systems that can provide inexpensive and environmentally sound sources of energy and potable water. It is anticipated that these systems can meet the energy and water needs in emergencies, harsh environmental conditions, and/or remote locations across the world. Whether clients are governments, corporations, or nonprofit NGOs, the application is the same. The systems are extremely simple to use and maintain and are easily towed by a standard ¾-ton truck.

MPI’s social objectives are protecting human health and the environment.

Wherever the sun shines,
MPI can provide power and water for life.